Q. Do I need to visit your studio in person with my pet to get a portrait?

A. All you need to do is email me some clear photos of your pet and a written description of their personality.

Q. If I have more than one pet, can I get them in the same picture?

A. Yes. For every multiple pet commission you get an individual portrait for each pet and you can add on a group portrait (individual portraits combined into one) at no additional cost.

Q. What if something isn't just right in the finished portrait, can you make a change to the color of my pet's fur or eyes?

A. Yes! Sometimes a photo just doesn't capture the true color of your pet's coat or eyes, if something isn't just right in your portrait, let me know and with your expert knowledge of your pet, I can make your picture perfect.

Q. I love your work, would you illustrate my picture book?

A. Generally publishers like to pick the illustrator's for their books, but if you are still interested in having your story illustrated, please check out the illustration section of the Graphic Artists' Guild Pricing and Ethical Guidelines Handbook for some good starter info on budget and usage rights.

Q. Can you illustrate me with my pet?

A. Yes, however my rates for people will be higher as they require more time to create. I can provide a quote on an individual basis.

Q. Can I use this artwork for my business logo?

A. I retain the copyright for the work and provide you with permission to print the work for non-commercial use. If you would like to commission art for business purposes, let me know what you need and how you would like to use the artwork and I can work up a quote and terms to best fit your needs. 

Printing Questions

Many have asked about how to have their portrait files reproduced.

These pieces look wonderful printed on canvas. The standard 16" x 20" (50cm x 40cm) size is a common format for Gallery Wrap canvas prints.

Gallery Wrap refers to the wooden frame the canvas is stretched over. A Gallery Wrap frame is 1 1/2" thick and does not require a frame. It has a modern and clean look and can be hung directly on your wall.

Photo canvas prints are becoming more common and you can probably find one in your area, or you can easily upload your picture to a printer's website. If you aren't a heavy computer user, don't worry, this is as simple as attaching a picture to an email.

Cost of printing varies by size, however I have always found  a discount offer for  on sites like groupon. 

Check Groupon for photo canvas print offers.

Here is a list of global Groupon sites.

Not from the USA?

Snapfish has services in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America. http://www.snapfish.com/photo-gift/welcome

South Africa canvas prints http://www.printwild.co.za/

Photobox has services in the UK

TheCanvasWorks for canvas and wood panel prints in Ireland

 list of global Groupon sites