Student work highlights

Sophomore Illustration: Poster Design and Illustration

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Sophomore Illustration: Book Cover and Illustration

Sophomore, Junior, and Senior work: Editorial, Packaging, and Concept Art

What students are sharing in annual course evaluations

Nothing I would change about the course. Can be very challenging at times but it's a thrill at the same time. It's preparing me for the professional world, which doesn't stop at my schedule. I have to adjust to my client's schedule, which is my biggest dilemma and that's time management. Ms. Beetow does give fantastic and informative critiques. I like being treated like a professional and I can't wait for Illustration II next semester!


 I loved this course and learned so much throughout the semester. I can't wait for Illustration II!

Chris is an awesome instructor and person, and this class was a perfect place to bring all of my experiences from other classes and create work that reflected my growth this semester.


I was particularly impressed by the instructor's wide range of knowledge and ability to help students with their individual interests and areas of focus with an equal level of expertise whether discussing digital painting, colored pencils, or collage. Students were encouraged to pursue their own voice as an illustrator, and given any guidance they needed to achieve that.


I also enjoyed the assignments. I felt that they were structured enough that students knew what was expected of them, but still allowed for individual interpretation and expression.


This class, and in particular, the way that Beetow taught it, was so exciting and fun that i assured me that i was in the right major. i was given the opportunity to explore new techniques with her aid and through the resources she gave. overall, the class was an excellent experience and beneficial to my academic career.